Scuba Diving


Scuba diving is a fun adventure activity, learning how to become one with the water is but the start of an exciting journey into the underwater world. Once you are qualified you are unlocking new doors with each new course you complete.

We then become one of the privileged few who are able to explore underwater wrecks, spend fascinating time with complex ecosystems learning how they operate in what can be a very harsh environment, dive with Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Dolphins and more different species of fish than one is easily able to count.



As we build our confidence in this underwater world and want to see and experience more there are even more paths that we can follow into caves, deep diving, and for a few adventurers the path of technical diving may hold an appeal which is difficult to ignore. As a technical diver you are able to go deeper, dive for longer and you are able to explore wrecks and reefs seldom if ever dived by others.

Our journey into the underwater world begins with an entry level course called Openwater 20, this is the most important course we ever complete as it teaches us not just how to breath underwater but how to plan and execute safe dives to make us confident independent divers.  After the entry level program with a bit of experience we are ready to complete the advanced and rescue programs which give us even more confidence in the underwater world.



Starting this journey is as simple as logging onto our website and registering yourself for the RAID online training. You will now be able to complete all the theory in the comfort of your own home and as soon as you are ready we take those first amazing breaths underwater in Port Alfred’s Indoor Heated Pool where we learn how to safely operate the gear in the comfortably warm water. Courses are tailored to suit your needs so there is no stress about being able to attend classes with a group at times that don’t suit your busy schedule.

Contact us now to begin this incredible journey into the underwater world and become one of those privileged few.


Try Open Circuit Diving


Your Introduction into the World Underwater Experience you will never forget!
The Try Open Circuit Dive Experience will open the door to breathing underwater and sense exhilaration!
Here, you will meet other people who share your interest for unending, exciting adventures.

This introduction is designed to exhibit the technology and ease of Open Circuit diving, in a pool or in confined water environment with pool like conditions.

Be able to swim comfortably.
Be a minimum of 12 years old (adult consent needed if under the age of 18 years, or other age depending on the laws of the country you train in).

To be conducted by a renewed Instructor and/or Level 4 Dive Master.


Academic presentation and quick quiz.
Confined water – underwater skills on open circuit scuba.

Your introduction will be in a low-stress environment. After determining you have basic swimming skills, your instructor will demonstrate the required skills for you to swim underwater, whilst breathing on open circuit scuba.

This is NOT a certification programme. However, you can start your Level 1 certification programme.
You may register for FREE on-line and purchase one or more dive courses, (Level 1 and Level 2), plus you may be inline for our Bonus course!
With a Bonus course you may start directly after you have finished the course you purchased and only need to pay for it before certification!

Contact us at Outdoor Focus for full details.
If you are all ready registered go to RAID ONLINE STORE to find a course that you want.
The above is subject to RAID General Diving Standards and change without notice.

Openwater 20


Becoming a RAID Open Water Diver is the best way to start your scuba adventure!

We will teach you all the necessary skills to make sure you feel safe, confident and prepared.  RAID training is designed with you and your schedule in mind. The Online academics mean that you can study the material at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. You are also welcome to make use of our wifi facilities for this purpose.

For your pool and open water training, your instructor will personally fit you with scuba equipment so that you feel comfortable in your ‘second skin’. You will have plenty of practice time to adapt yourself to the underwater environment before you begin your open water training dives.  Once you have completed your initial training, you will be a certified RAID diver and able to dive to 20m.

RAID certifications are recognised worldwide so your diving experiences will be limitless!

Get started today!

Explorer 30


Trying to decide which speciality course you would like to complete next? Have you completed your Open Water qualification and would like to gain more knowledge and experience in the underwater world? Then the RAID Explorer 30 programme is the PERFECT choice!

During the RAID Explorer 30 programme you will have the chance to try out five different specialities.  You will complete five dives which cover the following:

– Better Buoyancy control for safer, more relaxed and controlled diving

– Greater understanding of underwater navigation

– Experience and understand the procedures for planning and excusion of deeper dives (up to 30m)

– Experience elective dives based on dive conditions, environments and interests

– Gain skills to dive in a range of different environments or dive sites

Later, you can choose to complete all or just a few of your selected specialties through a Specialty Course by completing the second dive and finishing all academic requirements.  Choose your preferred Specialty areas and continue your adventure right after your Open Water Diver Program!

Advanced 35


Our Advanced 35 program is designed to give you experience in a variety of speciality areas and the course has a very strong focus on improving your diving skills and creating a comfortable diver with knowledge and experience in diving to 35m. As a qualified Advanced 35 diver you will be confident to plan and execute dives to 35m using nitrox, your dive planning will all take place using your dive computer so that you are comfortable to switch your oxygen percentage on your computer and plan your dives based on all the available information.

The first dive that we perform is purely focused on improving your buoyancy skills, your instructor will spend the dive showing you small tricks and making suggestions to help you achieve perfect buoyancy. Our second dive we focus on navigation, this gives you a further opportunity to hone those buoyancy skills that you learnt on the previous dive and gives you an understanding of natural navigation and compass work. Our third dive is a rescue dive where we focus on self rescue; identifying potential problems, solving minor problems before they become an issue and assisting a buddy in distress, however we do encourage all divers to participate in the Master Rescue program as this gives one a true appreciation of diver rescue. Dives 4 and 5 are deep dives, to 30m and 35m respectively, your instructor will focus on the safety aspects of deep diving and a great deal of effort will be spent on making sure you are able to accurately work out air consumption and interprate your dive computer. Dive 6 is an elective dive and based on the area your instructor will offer you a wide range of specialty dives from night diving to wreck diving. (ask your store for details as each area has its own highlights)

Master Rescue Diver


Our Master Rescue Diver program  is an important step in expanding our knowledge and experience with rescue beyond that of a purely recreational diver. This unique course builds ones confidence and ability with diving, providing the skills and knowledge to help you better understand how to respond safely and efficiently to surface and underwater emergencies.

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? This course is demanding and realistic in its conduct, content and approach. We teach with interactive discussions, practical rescue skills taught and practiced in a swimming pool, rescue skills practiced in the openwater and under the guidance of your instructor. We then take these individual components and with your instructor guiding you, you perform a number of realistic practical rescue scenarios, taking the scenario from identifying the problem to solving the situation and concluding the rescue.

Basic Wreck Speciality


What an amazing experience to be able to dive on a shipwreck and briefly be drawn into the history of that wreck. We as divers are privileged to have the ability to visit these historical and in many cases tragic shipwrecks and share those experiences with our non diving buddies through photography and videography. Learning how to preserve the shipwreck and how to dive safely in the vicinity of a shipwreck is critical for your enjoyment and is a preparation for our Advanced Wreck specialty where we train you how to safely penetrate a wreck.

Nitrox Diver Program


Have you ever dreamed of being able to stay underwater for longer to take that perfect photo or explore that seldom dived wreck? Well I think any avid diver has felt the frustration of running low on bottom time before they are ready to surface and have wished for those extra couple of minutes.

Nitrox is the answer to many of our dreams. Nitrox if managed correctly may allow us to extend our bottom times by a few minutes, in your Nitrox program you will learn all the necessary rules for planning dives with Nitrox and on this program we will learn  how to set our dive computers to take full advantage of the enriched air nitrox that we are breathing.

“Nitrox for free” is becoming quite common in a lot of resort marketing. This means that you do not have to pay extra for Nitrox, but all diving operators will want to see a valid Nitrox certificate before you can dive.

Deep Diver Program


There are many reasons to dive deep, some exciting dive sites are located in deeper water with many of the worlds most spectacular wrecks lying beyond the normal depth limits of an Openwater 20 diver. Although it can be tempting to dive that little bit deeper, the reality is that without proper training, this kind of diving can put you at risk. RAID’s Deep Diving program will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and experience to safely be able to enjoy the wrecks and reefs that are within reach of recreational divers (40m). If you should be keen on taking your knowledge of deep diving further RAID is your partner of choice as we have all the technical deep diving programs you will need to reach your dream dive sites.

Navigation Diver


Have you ever dived with your buddy or more likely your instructor, and been absolutely amazed that they know exactly where you are even in low visibility or on night dives? Some divers will tell you that underwater navigation is a natural instinct that only some people have, whereas the reality is that underwater navigation is a learnt skill. So with some training and practice you will also be able to amaze your dive buddies by being able to successfully navigate from one point to another underwater and even exit at a pre planned exit point. On your RAID navigation course your instructor will explain natural navigation and compass work and give you plenty of time to hone these skills with practical experience.

Dive Master


A RAID Divemaster is one of the most highly respected ratings in the dive community and the first Pro levels within the RAID system of training, education and certification. Although some may find that the Divemaster rating suits their professional needs and is a rewarding full-time or part-time career in its own right, a RAID Divemaster can also be a stepping stone and is a prerequisite to becoming a RAID Dive Instructor.

If you love diving and want to share your passion with others, if you are looking for an exciting career or to travel Planet Ocean with a professional credential under your belt, a RAID Divemaster course and qualification is for you. That is, by becoming a RAID Divemaster you can plan, organise and lead dives for certified divers. You can also assist in diver training and even conduct some training independently of a RAID Instructor.

The RAID Divemaster course teaches you above all to be a leader among your peers and other divers generally. You will have the ability to lead and control dives, act as a safety and rescue person on organised dives, assist RAID Instructors in training and generally be in charge of organised dive activities. Through a combination of our cutting edge online training and interaction with your RAID Instructor, your diving knowledge will be honed to a very high level, preparing you to be a reference point for other divers. This will ultimately prepare you for RAID Instructor training if you wish to further your career path in that direction.

To become a RAID Divemaster you must first complete as a minimum the following RAID courses: Open Water 20, Nitrox, Advanced 35, Deep 40, Night and Limited Visibility, Navigation and Master Rescue Diver. We also highly recommend you at least complete two other specialty ratings that will help build on your professional standing, such as those that may be useful and unique to your area of employment (e.g. Wreck Diver if your local region has a wreck site or Drift Diver if there is a popular drift dive in your vicinity).

Become a RAID dive instructor


Divers choose to become a RAID Dive Instructor for a variety of reasons. For some, gaining their RAID Instructor qualification is simply about being able to share their passion for diving with others, or as a ticket to dive around Planet Ocean while being paid to do so. For others, it is about achieving a goal to be the best of the best and to get diving’s Black Belt. Even others see a RAID Instructor certification as a serious and challenging new career away from more mundane occupations. All these reasons have one thing in common – a rich and rewarding vocation out on the ocean, river or lake and interacting with like-minded people.

Basically, RAID started as an idea and is now sweeping the world with high profile instructor trainers from other diver training agencies joining us almost daily. It’s an indication the time has come for change. The belief that quality training is more important than the quantity of divers trained and by being unafRAID to stand up and lead change, will ensure we end up with a better dive industry with quality instructors that truly want to share their passion for diving.

What makes RAID the best choice for dive instructor training?
RAID has taken a different approach, and we believe a much better approach, to dive training than other diver training agencies. We believe, and the evidence strongly supports our position, that training standards need to be raised. We believe this begins by making far better instructors. So if you truly want to be the “best of the best” then RAID is the choice for you.

It’s not a case of it being a much more difficult path or even a much longer path just in our opinion ensuring you are prepared to take the responsibility of training people to dive safely and be able to work with dive facilities that put the quality of dive training above everything else.

RAID does not believe in going back to the “good old days” when it could take months of training to become a diver but we do believe divers should spend more time perfecting skills in the pool. For example, we believe that something as simple as raising open water training time from just 80 minutes to 120 minutes will make a big difference to diver safety. As a prospective instructor, you know how long should be spent getting a diver comfortable in those first few dives and how invaluable an extra 40 minutes in the water will be to consolidating skills. Especially when buoyancy control and other essential skills can be perfected in the safety of a pool.

Instructor Development Program (IDP) candidates must attend all the Instructor Trainer (IT) run academic PowerPoint presentations. These include:

IDP Orientation
Course Structure and Standards
Teaching RAID Courses
Student Administration
Developing Presentations – class, confined and open water
Risk Management
The Business of Diving and RAID
The RAID Instructor Evaluation
Teaching Divemasters
Complete the Risk Management Schedule (RMS) Workshop
Complete at least one dive site briefing using the RAID Dive Site Briefing Slate and integrate the RMS and Dive Evaluation Checklist
Complete the De-Briefing and RAID Counselling Workshop
Complete relevant stamina exercises
Complete the rescue workshop
Complete the online theory training
Complete the Open Circuit Try Dive workshop

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