Team Building

Team Building is the process of building a good team and one that performs well together, what better way to unite than participating in a fun and challenging outdoor team activities? Our team building will challenge individuals and teams alike through a series of programmes comprising both mental and physical challenges that will focus primarily on teamwork, self and team motivation, conflict resolution, communication and leadership. We specialize in Activity Based Team Building, where the focus is on the fun aspect. We provide a range of activities that will challenge individuals within the team as well as teams as a whole. Even if you think that your staff members don’t require improvement through team building, why not reward them for their hard work with one of our fun activities? We have a wide range of activities to choose from depending on your team size and needs. Our teambuilding events are ideal for corporate or social groups. Catering and accommodation can be arranged on request. Please contact us for a quotation.


Canoe Rentals

Explore the Kowie River from the river mouth where it enters the ocean up to the Waters Meeting Nature Reserve 21km upriver. The Kowie is an open and very active estuary with a great many fish species populating its waters and The Kowie is also a birders delight with many species of birds populating its banks and mudflats. With our very stable and light canoes you are able to easily navigate the calm waters of the Kowie and explore this pristine estuary. Book your adventure now to avoid disappointment as our canoes are in constant demand for trips up the Kowie. If you are on holiday and staying on the Royal Alfred Marina or along the banks of the Kowie River we also rent out our canoes at day rates so that you always have the availability of a canoe.


First Aid Courses

Ever found yourself in a situation where you wished you knew what to do to assist an injured or ill person? We all know we should have a rudimentary knowledge of basic first aid and who to call in an emergency but we often need to be jolted out of our comfort zones before we take action. If you would like to prepare yourself for those unforeseen emergencies or you are the responsible person that has been elected to be trained for workplace emergencies, rest assured that when you are qualified on our first aid courses that you will be confident to assist in all situations. Contact us today to discuss your particular requirements and book your place onto a suitable course.



Sandboarding is a great adventure sport! With a few basic instructions you will pick up the knack of sandboarding in no time at all and be whizzing along having the time of your life.

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